Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017-06-21: no private healthcare talks

Today I'm reaching out to the list of 'sane' republicans since my NC Senators appear to be useless.

Here's my message:

Please do not consider any healthcare bill that was not created in a bi-partisan manner, one that reduces coverage, choice of plans, or potentially limits coverage for pre-existing conditions.  All citizens need good health care, not just democrats or republicans.

Thank you for being a shining example of good leadership for the Republican party and not falling in with the extremest crowd that has hijacked the former sane leadership of the party.  Please continue to legislate based on facts and science.

Here are the senators I called:

Sen. Susan Collins, ME:
DC office: (202) 224-2523

Sen. Dean Heller, NV: 
DC office: (202) 224-6244

Sen. John McCain, AZ:
DC office: (202) 224-2235

Sen. Cory Gardner, CO:
DC office: (202) 224-5941

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